The story of Optical Metalcraft

It was in the Barcelona of 1946 when Alberto Marcet i Balletbó and Rafael Carbó, enthusiastic entrepreneurs and expert metalworkers in the famous Olivetti factory, founded Optical Metalcraft. Inspired by the first Hollywood films, they used their knowledge in mechanics to start an almost unknown business in the country: the manufacture of sunglasses with metal frames. In a historical context where it was impossible to import technology and knowledge, their ingenuity and passion were the main engine to start the brand. The first prototypes were manufactured in a completely handmade way with rudimentary tools, using the scraps discarded by the manufacturer of screens for Vespa and the surplus wires of the keys of the Olivetti machines.
In a context of autarky, he developed all the necessary technology to be able to produce in large quantities and grow the business. His designs were so successful that he quickly became the leader in the Spanish manufacturing market, with a commercial portfolio that included more than 3000 customers, including the most prestigious optical chains. After a parenthesis of more than 30 years, the brand is relaunched in 2017 by Alberto’s grandson, Albert Marcet i Olmo, under the name of Metalcraft. Paying homage to the classic lines that car-acterizaron the brand, Metalcraft returns with a historical heritage and the renewed illusion to offer again sunglasses of the highest quality, taken care of even the smallest detail.

1946 –

Optical Metalcraft is born

Inspired by the Hollywood films of the 30s and 40s, Albert Marcet Balletbó and Rafael Carbó founded the company Optical Metalcraft, the first company specialized in the manufacture of metal frames in Spain.

1950 –


During the 50s the founders created and patented innumerable machines and modern frames designs.

1959 –

The New Factory

After 13 years of hard work, this was a momentous year for the company. Don Rafael Carbó died due to a car accident and the new facilities of Metalcraft were inaugurated. Thanks to these, equipped with the latest technology, the production was increased, reaching more than 800,000 glasses per year. The company became the leader in the Spanish market in the manufacture of metal sunglasses.

1960 –


With a catalog with more than 100 references, including optical and sun frames, Metalcraft became the leading Spanish brand in export. It was very common to see our designs United States, France, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Algeria

1970 –


The 70’s were undoubtedly the best years of Metalcraft. With more than 150 references in our catalog, our quality and design were unbeatable. At the moment we had around 3,000 points of sale all over the world.

1981 –

Referents of design

The round and daring mounts of the 80’s. One more example of the avant-garde designs of Metalcraft.

1982 –

The design revolution

The iconic Metalcraft 82 model is launched, with an innovative lens exchange system on the market.

1984 –

End of an era

Our founder, Albert Marcet Balletbó left us in 1984. With him, the factory closed its doors.

2017 –


The third generation Marcet maintains the passion and entrepreneurial spirit to relaunch the Metalcrat brand with timeless designs inspired by old models of Metalcraft.